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The website was created to provide access for student to complete their assignments and for students to share their assignments with others. encourages collaboration among students through its FREE chat program and its FREE SMS programs. encourages donation that is used to source manpower to operate the site and to take care of its expenses. We encourage collaborative and shared learning. Please note that no personal help in using this website is provided. Welcome!

FREE Gifts & Get Assignments access is lsdfree123

MailWorksPro access is jpublic & johnp. Create Issue & Newsletter (enter correct email address) & supply your subscriber list.

You may send multiple SMS to a single provider ONLY by following the steps below. There must be a one minute pause between each step for each task to be completed properly.

1. Upload a CSV file. The file must conform to the following:

a. Filename: tele.csv
b. The file should NOT have Headers.
c. the fields should be separated by a comma in this format (telephone number, first name, last name).

2. Update the SQL table

3. Send SMS to multiple persons on the SAME network

4. Export data and empty SQL table

Contact: for more details.
7979 NW 21st St.
Doral, FL, 33122

Director: Henry